Carb Cycle History

In the seventies and eighties there was a "high−carb mania" where the popular diets of the day recommended eating large amounts of carbohydrates. Then, in the nineties through today, the opposite became popular. Nowadays people everywhere seem to be avoiding carbs. In fact, this "low−carb mania" has swept the whole world and created legions of low−carb fanatics. Still, most people are confused and have no clue how the human body actually uses carbs and how a certain carb lifestyle can either help you lose weight or totally destroy any weight loss results. Today, there are more diets, exercise books, videos, classes, trainers, fitness experts, and information available than ever before. However, at the same time, the majority of people are frustrated and still out of shape. In fact overweight and obesity are taking over the world. Why is this? The reason is that no fitness system on the market really puts into consideration how the human body is created to function. Most diets eventually end up slowing down the metabolism, and therefore any weight loss effort is put to a halt due to no energy or loss of motivation. To Summarize: constant low−carb or constant high or moderate−carb diets are just NOT the solution to fight obesity and get and stay lean and healthy!

Carb Cycle 1 It was also in the nineties when Franco Carlotto, the creator of Carb Cycle, developed a way of eating carbs right that made him win six Mr. World Fitness Titles as well as helping people from all over the world and all walks of life to achieve and maintain a lean, fit, and healthy body. Now, for the first time ever, he's ready to share his method with the whole world and you publicly. His goal was to develop a diet approach for everybody that offers results both, in the short−term and long−term. Franco realized over 20 years ago that the solution to eating right today, lies in our past, evolving back to the same way our ancestors continuously loaded and depleted their carb storage. Since our bodies didn't change since then, this is still the key to ultimate weight control in the 21st Century: the human body's own carb storage system! Franco's Carb Cycle is the only fitness and nutrition program that works with that natural carb storage system − something most people don't even know they have − in this intended and correct way.

Carb Cycle 2 Franco's Carb Cycle regulates the body's natural storage mechanism for carbs by alternating between normal−carb and low−carb days in an ongoing cycle which repeats itself twice every week. It is the only Method that first depletes and then loads the body's carb storage in an appropriate, most efficient, and simple to execute cycle. Best of all, at any given point, you never have to totally sacrifice your carbs, but just slightly increase and lower certain carbs on certain days of the week in a very easy to manage manner. Although there are many fine−tuning options and Franco's System offers an "Advanced Carb Cycle" section, once you implement his Basic Carb Cycle knowledge into your diet, it literally forces your body to burn it's fat depots down to a minimum while − contrary to most other diet and fitness systems − giving you energy and speeding up your metabolism, both, in the short−term and long−term! It further allows you to eat all kind of foods and meals − including carbs − guilt−free on a regular basis without having to deprive your body's metabolism of much−needed energy to function properly.

Carb Cycle 3 Franco Carlotto's Carb Cycle Method is not just another diet or fitness hype. It is a fitness guide to life. Based on his 27 years of experience, he's explaining what the Carb Cycle is, how it evolved, and how it works. Most importantly he outlays exactly how to implement the Carb Cycle right away into your own, individual lifestyle. Franco guides you one−on−one with food plans, recipes, food choices, and many more tips and tricks all around carbs and fitness. Most importantly, he lays out the 3 Carb Cycle Stages to choose from for any fitness level: from 1) Starter to 2) Intermediate to 3) Advanced. Thereafter, with Stage 4 − Carb Cycle for Life − he will show you how to maintain your newfound body for good.

In Franco's words: "The Carb Cycle Book and System are a culmination of my twenty−seven plus years of studying, testing, and perfecting countless fitness techniques and routines. The good news is that you get the immediate benefits of my experience. I've taken the guesswork out of dieting and fitness, and you will never ever have to go on another frustrating fitness program again. I promise that if you apply my Carb Cycle in your own life, you will see dramatic results quicker than you would have ever thought possible. Once you understand and experience the Carb Cycle for yourself, you'll be able to melt the fat off your body and keep it off for good by eating carbs in the exactly right way. Maybe you want to lose a little extra weight to fit into a smaller size. Or maybe you want to get extra−lean and toned up for that swimsuit or bikini − or maybe even absolutely athletic for a fitness competition or another sports event. Either way, my Carb Cycle will give you the lean and healthy body you've always wanted and dreamed of, AND will enable you to keep it for life."